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Welcome to the World's Simplest Easiest Fastest Bitcoin Team Crowdfunding Community!

CryptoFundRaiser is the Only Crowdfunding

Platform that allows you turn a ONE-TIME-ONLY

Out-of-pocket $50 in Bitcoin or ETH into 

$641,362.50 (or more!) Business or Charity


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Yes! Everything you've been hearing about CFR is true. Our sole focus at CryptoFundRaiser is on providing our valued Members with a seamless, simple, safe and completely transparent Cryptocurrency Team Crowdfunding Platform.
PLUS our remarkable Cryptocurrency Educational Platform puts you front and center to discover all the possibilities and opportunities in this new and exciting cryptocurrency and blockchain space. A space where such reknown business people such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson and many others recognize it to be the biggest thing to hit the world since the Internet!
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*Each Team Crowdfunding Round can be activated using profits from the previous round!


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